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The Difference Between Overhead Cables And Power Cables

What is the difference between overhead cables and power cables? Huatong cable to give you

Oct 13, 2017

The Advantages Of Power Cable Campared To Overhead Cable

In some densely populated, high-rise buildings or factories, flammable and explosive places, because the safety and aesthetic issues generally can not use overhead cables and use power cables, then the

Oct 11, 2017

By 2021 The Global Coaxial Cable Market Is Expected To Scale Over $ 12.8 Billion

International market research firm Technavio recently released the global coaxial cable research report said that by 2021, the global coaxial cable market is expected to reach 12.81 billion US dollars. The

Oct 09, 2017

By 2022 The World's Medium Voltage Cables And Accessories Market Size Will Exceed $ 56 Billion

​The research firm Markets and Market has recently released market research reports on medium voltage cables and accessories in the world. The annual compound annual growth rate of the global medium voltage cables and accessories will reach 6.27% in 2017-2022, which is lower than that of the Allied Market Research market. 6.5%.

Sep 27, 2017

Low Voltage XLPE Or PVC Insulated/DC/Electric Power Cable

The overhead cable is a cable construction that erects the cable at a distance from the ground,

Sep 19, 2017

Underground Low Voltage Copper Conductor XLPE / PVC Insulated Power Cable With Armoured

Application: Construction, Overhead,Underground, Industrial, Power Station

Sep 15, 2017

The Type And Application Of AAC Conductor

AAC conductor are used in overhead transmission and distribution systems,and use as connections in

Sep 14, 2017

The Type And Application Of AAC Conductor

AAC conductor are used in overhead transmission and distribution systems,and use as connections

Sep 13, 2017

2017 Global Power Cable Composite Market Revenue Will Exceed 11.3 Billion US Dollars

Building and automotive industry demand growth is the main factor to promote the stable development of power cable market. Especially in the Asia-Pacific region

Sep 11, 2017

Huatong Cable: The Type And Application Of Overhead Wires

Overhead wire is an important part of the transmission line, the main role is to transmit current.

Sep 08, 2017

2017-2021 Global Aerial Cable Market Compound Annual Growth Rate Of Nearly 6%

International market research firm Technavio research report said that in 2021 the global aerospace cable market will usher in a stable period,

Sep 06, 2017

By 2025 The Asia-Pacific Region Will Lead The Global Flexible Cable Market

Persistence Market Research, an international market research firm, recently released a 2017-2025

Sep 04, 2017

2023 Global Medium Voltage Cable Market Demand Will Exceed 64.1 Billion US Dollars

2023 global medium voltage cable market demand will exceed 64.1 billion US dollars.Recently International Market Research Institute Stratistics MRC released a report that the global market

Aug 23, 2017

What Is The Difference Between YJV Power Cable And VV Cable?

YJV power cable and VV cable function is roughly the same, there are some differences, today,

Aug 21, 2017

Electric Power Cable Suppliers Analyze How To Identify Unqualified Power Cable

Today, power cable suppliers Huatong cable analysis how to identify unqualified power cable .

Aug 19, 2017

Cable Manufacturers Analyze The Advantages Of Overhead Insulated Wires

Today, cable manufacturers Henan Huatong cable for everyone to analyze the advantages of overhead insulated wire.

Aug 14, 2017

Zhengzhou Cable Manufacturers: 10kv Overhead Cable Fault Characteristics Is What?

Today, Zhengzhou cable manufacturers Huatong cable analysis is 10kv overhead cable fault characteristics of what?

Aug 07, 2017

2017 Global Power Transmission Infrastructure Market Revenue Of 99.2 Billion US Dollars

International business intelligence research organization Visiongain recently released the global transmission and distribution infrastructure

Aug 04, 2017

New Zealand Nelson-Levin Island Submarine Cable To Complete The Upgrade

Recently, Spark New Zealand said it has completed the upgrade of the Nelson-Levin island submarine cable​ interconnection

Aug 02, 2017

2017-2021 Global Metal Cable Demand Compound Annual Growth Rate Of About 3%

International market research firm Technavio recently released a report that 2017-2021, the global metal cable market in line with the rate of about 3%, electricity and renewable energy is to promote the stable

Jul 31, 2017

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