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Zhengzhou Cable Manufacturers: 10kv Overhead Cable Fault Characteristics Is What?

Aug 07, 2017

Today, Zhengzhou cable manufacturer Huatong cable analysis is 10kv overhead cable fault characteristics of what? 

 1, single-phase grounding characteristics

  10kv overhead cable fault in the single-phase ground fault occurs frequently, this is because the neutral point is not grounded in the corresponding mode of operation prone to ground fault, the performance of the ground voltage drop, non-fault is the ground voltage increase , But for the whole did not change.

  This type of overhead wire can continue to work and run for no more than two hours. In addition to enough time to reduce the stability of the user's negative news, need to pay attention to the ground voltage is too high will lead to the insulation of the wire line pressure, the West prone to breakdown of the accident.

  Single-phase ground fault is completely grounded and not completely grounded two types, completely grounded is the fault directly and eh, this time the voltage is 0, non-fault relative to the voltage rise to the line voltage, incomplete ground fault through the high resistance Or arc ground, this time the relative decline in failure, non-fault relative to the voltage rise but lower than the line voltage.

  2, short circuit fault characteristics

  10kv overhead power cable such failures are divided into phase, three-phase short-circuit problem, the front is due to the connection caused by the short circuit, followed by three-phase connection between the short circuit caused by improper problem. Overhead cable short-circuit fault is generally based on the size of the resistance to further classification: metal short circuit, non-metallic short circuit, the former short circuit resistance is 0, the current is relatively large, it is easy to harm. The latter is generally a certain connection with the organization of the situation, short circuit current is relatively small, long duration, greater harm.

  3, short circuit fault characteristics analysis

  Short circuit fault is generally divided into overhead line circuit fault, disconnectio    n, etc., the current can not clear, short circuit fault situation, prone to line asymmetry problem, especially because of the lack of motor damage caused by the problem. Failure point problem in the moment of breaking, there will be more serious high temperature problems, easily lead to the surrounding fire.

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