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What Is The Difference Between YJV Power Cable And VV Cable?

Aug 21, 2017

  YJV power cable and VV cable function is roughly the same, there are some differences, today, Huatong Cable analyze the difference between them.

  1、YJV standerdcable insulation material is cross-linked polyethylene, VV cable insulation material is PVC.

  2、these two kinds of power cable production process is not the same. YJV power cable insulation performance is better than VV cable;

  3、The YJV electric power cable improves the heat-resistant temperature on the insulation, but the VV cable does not.

  4、YJV cable temperature can reach 90 degrees, VV cable can only reach 70 degrees.

  5、YJV power cable with the same cross-sectional area is greater than the VV cable.

  6、YJVelectric cable is expensive than VV power cable and has a long service life.

  7、VV electric cable than YJV cable waterproof performance is poor, if the ground should choose VV cable, select the YJV power cable when the shift must ensure that the cable without flooding.

  Overall, YJV wire and cable integrated performance is higher than the VV cable, so YJV cable has gradually replaced the advantages of VV cable.

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