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Underground Low Voltage Copper Conductor XLPE / PVC Insulated Power Cable With Armoured

Sep 15, 2017


  Application: Construction, Overhead, Underground, Industrial, Power Station

  Current: DC & AC

  Sheath Material: PVC, PE

  Wire Core Material: Copper, Aluminum

  Model: VV Vlv, Yjv, Yjlv Series

  Specification: 0.6/1KV~26/35KV

  Voltage: Low and Medium Voltage Cable

  Insulation Material: PVC, PE, XLPE

  Material Shape: Round Wire

  Product Description

  underground low voltage copper conductor xlpe / pvc insulated power cable with armoured

  We manufacture kinds of non-armored and armored PVC and XLPE power cables for electricity transmission and distribution. A variety of international standards are available, for example, BS 5467 standards for armored low voltage power cables. We provide a high standard of quality control and manufacturing with our main markets all over the world. Please feel free to send us inquiries for latest prices. We will respond to you immediately!

  1. Conductor Material: Copper, Aluminum, Aluminum Alloy

  2. Insulation: PVC(Polyvinyl Chloride), XLPE(Cross-Linked Polyethylene), PE (Polyethylene), etc.

  3. Sheath: PVC, PE, etc.

  4. Armoring: Non-Armored, Galvanized Steel Wire Armored (BS 5467 Standards), Steel Tape Armored, etc.

  5. Rated Voltage (KV): 0.6/1, 1/1, 1.8/3, 3/3, 3.6/6, 6/6, 6/10, 8.7/10, 8.7/15, 12/15, 12/20, 18/20, 18/30, 21/35, 26/35

  6. Maximum Working Temperature: 70°C / 90°C / 105°C, etc.

  7. Features: Flexible, Fire-Resistant, Heat-Resistant, Low Smoke and Fume, Low Smoke Zero Halogen, High Temperature, etc.

  8. Insulation Colors: Red, Blue, Brown, White, Black, Yellow, Two Colors, etc.

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