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The Visiting Of The Power Transmission Line Accessory Products Factory

Jun 21, 2017

Considering the current global market situation: the low profit of Cable and conductor , Power ancillary products can enhance the competitiveness of cable and Conductor and many of our clients also deal with the fitting and other transmission line products. Our company are willing to trade some other products used in the power management system. Through the training of Mr Wang in last a few month, we had learnt some of the basic knowledge of transmission line . While the visiting would give us a better understanding on these products.


We set out to our factory on 9:30 from our office .After we arrived, we met the production Manager Ms Li. She give us a brief introduction The factory total Area is 89376m2 ,with more than 400 staff. It is specialized in production of composite insulator ,HV&LV switchgear cabinet and Power transformer. The main products are HV switch, circuit breaker, electronic current and low voltagetransformer, EHV DC and AC composite insulator etc.

Our insulator factory attaches great importance to the quality management. During the last few years it passed the ISO9000, ISO14001, OHSAS18001 international quality system certification and KEMA electrical test certification.

The production manager lead us to visit the composite insulator ,HV&LV switchgear cabinet and Power transformer workshops. And she gave a detail introduction for the composite Insulator patent and the exporting insulator for India market relating to production procedure, packing, inspection etc. We saw the advanced 1000kv high voltage inspection equipment .In switchgear workshop,we know how the switch cabinet assembled . The switch cabinet included fuse、circuit breaker、metal Cabinet etc.The Transformer Xinghe produce is Oil-immersed transformer and Dry type transformer. They have some many domestic orders for the transformer.

We gain a lot of knowledge of the insulator and transformer and switchgear cabinet in this trip. After that we may have more confidence on these products trading. At the same time to analysis market and use the different way to exploit the market is also very important . 

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