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The Underground Cable Replaces The Iron Tower And The Telegraph Pole,it Would go A Long Way Toward beautifing The City.

Jun 07, 2017

Hundreds of towers and telegraph poles will be removed, replaced by underground cables.In this way, not only will the urban environment become more beautiful, but the ability of the grid to withstand natural disasters such as typhoons will also be improved.

Since Last December, State Gird Xiamen Electric Power Supper Company, in accordance with the unified city plan, has been upgrading overhead transmission lines into the underground system for 9 urban main roads and more than 20 branches.

What are the advantages of upgrade overhead cables into the underground system?"

After the transformation of the power facility,power will become more stable and power outages will decrease."The worker of State Gird Xiamen Electric Power Supper Company introduced,on account of upgrade overhead cables into the underground system,it's not affected by natural disasters,and use the more advanced equipment---ring main unit.

According to introducing,ring main unit is actually a hub for power lines.Each of the ring main unit is a combination of multiple lines of towers,many of the ring main unit are linked together to form a ring network,implement centralized control of automation.Later, when the maintenance departments maintain a certain period of line maintenance, through the system can switch the available power lines remotely for users of some branch, ensure that users receive continuous power supply,at the same time, greatly improve the efficiency of equipment maintenance management.

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