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The Performance Comparison Of Aluminum Alloy Cable (AAC)and Copper Cable

Jul 10, 2017

  Aluminum alloy cable is based on the addition of trace elements as a conductor of aluminum in the form of cable, although the upgrade is pure aluminum cable version, but compared with the copper cable is still have disadvantage.

  1, aluminum alloy cable conductivity is poor

  Aluminum alloy cable conductivity of only 61% of copper cable. The larger the resistance will inevitably result in high line losses, reducing energy efficiency. Under the same current capacity, aluminum alloy cable resistivity is always slightly larger than copper cable.

  2, aluminum alloy cable has low carrying capacity

  Urban power supply reliability requirements of 99.99%, the core area to reach a higher level of 99.999%. Because the city cable network uses the ring net structure, under the breakdown situation short time the protection movement, the load cuts quickly transfers to the opposite side line, guaranteed uninterrupted power supply

  3, AAC mechanical tensile strength is low

  Aluminum alloy cable tensile strength only 46% of copper cables, allowing traction than 60% lower copper cable. Urban distribution network uses a large number of cable ring network structure, planning and design considerations to minimize the use of cable connector. Actual use, a single copper cable laying length is generally 600 to 800 meters interval.

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