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The Mechanical Properties Of Underground And Overhead Cables?

Jul 18, 2017

  The 35-kV underground-collection system (35-kV cables) should be rugged and suitable for the mechanical requirements associated with direct-buried applications. These cables have to withstand changes in ground conditions, for example  the dry soil that causes cables to run hotter, or wet soils will reduce the  life of power cable. Overhead transmission lines must sustain windy environments expected with wind-farm locations and environmental concerns,for instance ice loading.

  While overhead transmission lines used in  a final connection to the grid, the collection system within the wind farm is static and underground. As with other underground system, the cost of repairs are very high. Medium-voltage cables used in wind-farm collection systems should be designed with qualified materials, tested, and proven to demonstrate long-term reliability and performance for extended underground life. They must withstand the rigors and challenges associated with buried-installation techniques and potential hazards, such as water ingress. Water-blocked conductors, concentric neutrals, jacket, and completed cable are critical features that can prevent longitudinal penetration and migra¬≠tion of water along the conductor and beneath the outer cable jacket.s

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