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The Evolution Of Aluminum Conductors Used For Building Wire And Cable, Part B.

Jul 07, 2017

During the 1980’s, the electrical industry began to acknowledge the developments which had taken place in the wire and cable segment. Standards, codes, and specifications began to reference the 8000 series electrical grade aluminum alloy conductors which are readily available and in use today. In 1981, an ASTM Task Group was appointed to write a standard on the AA-8000 series conductors. In 1985, a proposal was made to include the AA-8000 series conductors in the National Electrical Code. Underwriters Laboratories issued an update to the UL 83 standard to require the use of the AA-8000 series conductors in most types of aluminum building wire. In the fall of 1988, ASTM completed the work on the AA-8000 series specification and ASTM standards B-800 and B-801 were published. 

The problem of failure in utility grade AA-1350 alu

3minum conductors when installed with non-compatible connectors occurred 40 years ago, and is no longer relevant to aluminum building wire installed today. With the development of an improved aluminum alloy, AA-8000, and increased NEC and UL requirements, aluminum building wire has a proven track record of over 30 years。

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