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The Difference Between Overhead Cables And Power Cables

Oct 13, 2017

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  What is the difference between overhead cables and power cables? Huatong cable  to give you a detailed analysis.

  Overhead cable is equipped with insulation and protective cover of the overhead wire, similar to the cross-linked cable production process, between the overhead wire and underground cable transmission. Overhead cables and underground cables are less expensive to install , but it easily accessible to the external environment, so they are generally used in places far away from the city. Overhead cables are single-core cable, according to the different structure is divided into hard aluminum, hard pull copper, aluminum alloy wire, steel core aluminum alloy line, power supply security is better.

  The difference between overhead cables and power cables

  Power cable conductor outside the outside there are insulating materials and a variety of protective layer, the use of transmission in the power system and the distribution of large-capacity power. Power cables can be laid in a variety of environments, safe and covert, not susceptible to external climate change. Less maintenance, durable (generally required more than 40 years). But the structure of the power cable is more complex, manufacturing processes and more expensive products. So the general application is not used in the occasion of overhead lines, such as urban transmission and distribution lines and industrial and mining enterprises to introduce power and the main power lines in the plant; and across the river railway station, through underground tunnels. In fact the power line is composed of overhead wires and power cables, overhead wires focus on generating power transmission, change, power distribution part, and the power cable focused on the use of power distribution, electricity, therefore, the production of low-voltage power cables The amount of more than 98%.

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