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The Composition Of Low Voltage Overhead Lines

Oct 16, 2017

  Low-voltage overhead line consist of  poles, wires, cross arm, insulators, fittings and other components.

  The main role of the poles is to support wires, insulators and cross brackets. The most widely used is the reinforced concrete pole.

  The role of  wire is Power transmission, the general use of aluminum wire. For the larger load, mechanical strength requirements of the higher lines, the use of ACSR conductor.

  Insulators are mainly used to secure the wires and insulate the wires from the poles, so the insulators must have a certain electrical strength and have sufficient mechanical strength. Common insulators are needle, butterfly and tension insulators.

  Crossbar is the insulator mounting bracket, but also to maintain the spacing of the wire arrangement. Low-voltage overhead lines are commonly used in wooden crossbar and angle crossbar

  The fittings are used to connect metal wires such as wires, fixed cross brackets and insulators. Including semi-circular plywood, U-shaped hoop, through the heart bolts, flat iron pad, support and flower basket screws.

  Pull wire is generally used (Φ3.2 ~ Φ4.0) galvanized iron wire or wire twisted into a solid pole.

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