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The Advantages Of Power Cable Campared To Overhead Cable

Oct 11, 2017

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  In some densely populated, high-rise buildings or factories, flammable and explosive places, because the safety and aesthetic issues generally can not use overhead cables and  use  power cables, then the power cable compared to overhead cables have what advantages? now i will tell you.

  (1) overhead cable susceptible to snow, crit and other hazards, compared to the power cable is not easy to receive outside influence, stable operation.

  (2) power cable laying in the ground, do not occupy space, reducing the damage to the human body, suitable for factories and cities.

  (3) operation and maintenance workload is small, saving labor costs.

  (4) compared to overhead cable, power cable electric shock is relatively small.

  (5) power cable with ultra-high pressure, the use of more extensive.

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