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The 750kv Power Gird Extension And Reinforcement Project Start Construction

Jun 05, 2017

The southern Xinjiang 750 kV power grid extension and reinforcement project started construction recently. It is reported that the southern Xinjiang 750 kV power grid extension reinforcement project will be the main project to serve the economic and social development of the Xinjiang and which is the the main part of the 750 kV electricity grid .The total length of the 750 kV transmission line is 726 km.The total investment is 3.6 billion, Which is expected to be completed in the first half of 2019.The purchasing goods would be included the ACSR,fitting,tower.....


The construction of Southern Xinjiang 750-kilovolt power grid extension and reinforcement project is an important promotion for the interconnection and interconnection of power grid infrastructure, which optimize the allocation of energy resources in Xinjiang .Promoting the social stability and long-term stability in Xinjiang.It has significant economic, social and environmental benefits.This project is a major construction projects in Xinjiang in 2017.After the project come into service,it can change the situation of Xinjiang power grid lag, to promote the upgrade the regional power network structure ,to enhance the safety and stability of the power grid operation and  meet the growing demand for electricity in the southern region.


State Grid of Xinjiang Electric Power Company as a project construction management company,in all purchasing process of the ACSR ,fitting,tower etc ,it will pay high attention to southern Xinjiang 750 kV power grid extension reinforcement project.,The In the construction implement all the maintenance measures .Insisting on the "safety and good quality " requirements, attach great importance to construction safety, pay close attention to the progress of the project management, strictly on the construction quality, strengthen the communication with the territorial government to solve all kinds of problems.

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