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Processing Method Of XLPE Power Cable Damp

Oct 24, 2017

  power Cable damp will reduce the cable insulation resistance is caused by cable lines running several important aspects of the accident.

  Causes and Hazards of Water Drain from power Cable

  (1) the new full-length power cable in the factor, both of which are sealed with plastic glands, but in the construction site according to the actual situation with a period of time, the rest of the plastic parts with a simple bandage about the fracture, Open and sealed and bad, days for a long time, it is inevitable there will be water vapor into the cable.

  (2) cable laying, the need to often cross the road, bridges and culverts, due to weather or other reasons, the cable trench is also often accumulated a lot of water, laying process, inevitably the cable head immersed in water , Because the plastic sheeting lax or damaged and make the water into the cable; also in the traction and pipe, sometimes the outer jacket and even steel armor scraping phenomenon, when the use of mechanical traction, this phenomenon is particularly prominent.

  (3) After the laying of the cable is completed, the cable head is not made in time for the construction of the power cable, so that the uncoated cable breakage is exposed to the air for a long time, even immersed in water, so that the water vapor enters the cable.

  (4) In the cable head production process (including the terminal head and the middle connector), due to the neglect of the construction workers, the newly processed cable ends are sometimes accidentally fall into the scene of the water.

  (5) In the normal operation of the cable, if the breakdown occurs due to some reason, the water in the cable trough will enter the cable along the fault point; in the civil construction, especially in the use of large construction machinery Of the construction site, due to various human factors caused by cable damage or breakdown of the accident, but also common. When such an accident occurs, the cable insulation is severely damaged, it will cause cable water.

  Cable water, the role of the electric field, the aging phenomenon will occur, and finally lead to cable breakdown.

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