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New Zealand Nelson-Levin Island Submarine Cable To Complete The Upgrade

Aug 02, 2017

Recently, Spark New Zealand said it has completed the upgrade of the Nelson-Levin island submarine cable interconnection. According to service providers, submarine cable interconnection upgrades provide New Zealand with enhanced interconnection services, especially between North and South islands.

  Spark was deployed in 2001 and the Nelson-Levin island submarine cable is 237 km,connects Nelson and Levin islands, including the 212 km submarine network from Nelson Bay to Levin Hecce Beach. Kempel Bay is New Zealand to Sydney's first international submarine cable landing station.

  The Nelson-Levin island submarine cable interconnection is one of New Zealand's three  submarine cables responsible for data transmission between the north and south islands. The upgrade includes the deployment of enhanced optical transmission technology at the Kabel Bay landing site.

  "The upgrade completes the flexibility of our network because the submarine cable is shallow and not buried deep on the seabed and away from known fault lines." Campbell Fraser, general manager of Spark's technical infrastructure, said, "the emergency , This improves more options for our traffic transmission and ensures interconnection services. "

  Spark said the upgrade will build a resilient network across the Cook Strait and ensure interconnection between the North and South islands. If any of the other two island submarine cables fail, the flow can be re-selected by this submarine cable.

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