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Huatong Cable: The Type And Application Of Overhead Wires

Sep 08, 2017

  Overhead wire is an important part of the transmission line, the main role is to transmit current. Because the overhead wire is above the tower, it is necessary to bear the weight of  wind, snow and ice load, band  the chemical corrosion.

  So overhead wire not only have excellent electrical function, but also need to have enough mechanical strength and anti-corrosion function. Today Hutong Cable analysis the type of overhead cable and the use of occasions.

  based on whether have the insulationis,  Overhead wire varieties divided into bare wire and insulated wire. Bare wires mainly include copper wire, aluminum stranded wire, ACSR conductor. Reinforced steel core aluminum wire, aluminum wire and strand, and so on. In order to ensure the safety of transmission, handling lines and trees between the conflict, and further maintain a safe and secure, the city 10kv overhead distribution lines to use overhead insulated wire. This wire can be divided into medium voltage, insulated wire and low voltage insulated wire according to the voltage grade. According to the insulation of the material, Overhead wire divided into polyvinyl alcohol sterling line, polyethylene insulated wire and XLPE insulated wire.

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