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High Voltage Cable Is Stolen,Zambia Nchanga Underground Copper Mine Outage

Jul 26, 2017

  Zambia's Konka Copper Company announced yesterday because the high-voltage cables are stolen, the company will suspend the operation of Zambia's stronghold Nchanga underground copper mine, the recovery time is uncertain.

  Zambia Kankola Copper Company is a subsidiary of the London listed company Vedanta Resources Group. Kong Kola copper company showed the  high-voltagepower cable theft occurred at midnight on Tuesday, when the night shift workers in the ventilation wells suffered a sudden power outage.991 workers have been evacuated.

  According to a subsequent survey, it was found that at least nine 11 kv high-voltage copper cable in substations were cut and stealing. En is the world's second largest open-pit mine.  Kong Kola copper company said that this is the second time in two weeks a similar accident. The last time was stolen by 200 meters high voltage cable.

  Zambia is Africa's second largest copper producer, copper production in 2016 reached 770,000 tons in 2015 to 71.1 million tons. However, due to limited power supply, this production is still some distance from the Zambian government's target production of 1 million tons. In June this year, Zambia said copper production this year is expected to increase to 850,000 tons.

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