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Electric Power Cable Suppliers Analyze How To Identify Unqualified Power Cable

Aug 19, 2017

  Today, power cable suppliers Huatong cable analysis how to identify unqualified power cable .

  1, look at the label of the cable printed words, if the font is blurred, there are typos or print the depth of the same, this must pay attention.

  2, hand rub about the power cable insulation skin, fade or after rubbing left after the line skin color or printed on the line of the word was rubbed to belong to the poor quality.

  3, with a fingernail, pinch line, if the fall is a piece of unqualified cable.

  4, repeated bending insulated wire,unqualified wire and cable after a few times will break.

  5, with the ignition of insulated power cable core, leaving the open fire after the spontaneous combustion is unqualified wire and cable.

  6, the core generally use copper and aluminum, observe the core color if the dark and no metallic luster.

  7, observe the diameter of the wire and cable, allowing the error within 10%, if more than this error, it is unqualified cable .

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