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Earthquakes In The Southeastern Part Of Iran Caused Damage To Local Electricity

Jul 28, 2017


  According to the Xinhua News Agency reported that the local time at 23:23 on July 23 , the southeastern Kelman province Sylhier town town of 5.4 earthquake occurred, causing local power and communication interruption. At present no casualties reported.

  According to the Iranian earthqu ake center news, the epicenter of the earthquake is 57.6 degrees east longitude, latitude 30.1 degrees north latitude, the focal depth of 10 kilometers.

  It is reported that although Iran is located in many geological faults, frequent earthquakes, but some parts of the country's seismic capacity is still poor, some high-magnitude earthquake can sometimes cause significant losses.

  According to the Iranian National Broadcasting Corporation news, at present, medical personnel and rescue teams have been sent to earthquake-affected areas.

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