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Cable Manufacturers Analyze The Advantages Of Overhead Insulated Wires

Aug 14, 2017

  Today, cable manufacturers Henan Huatong cable for everyone to analyze the advantages of overhead insulated wire.

  1. Good insulation performance

  Overhead insulated wires and bare wires have better insulation performance, can reduce the distance between the lines, reduce the insulation requirements of the line support, improve the number of the same pole circuit, so as to prevent the phase of the short circuit.

  2, the degree of corrosion is small

  Overhead wire more plastic skin, than the bare wire by the degree of oxidation is small, to improve the overhead line my life.

  3, simplifying the structure of the tower

  Overhead insulated wire simplifies the structure of the tower, saving the line of materials, beautify the city streets.

  4, in-depth load center

  To facilitate the deep pressure into the load center, reducing the low-voltage line power supply radius, improve the quality of the voltage.

  5, to facilitate the greening of the town

  Convenient urban construction and greening work, reducing the construction of trees.

  6, reduced maintenance cycle

  Because the improvement of line technology, reducing the workload, reducing the power outage time.

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