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Asia-Africa-1 Submarine Cable System Successfully Landed In Hong Kong

Jul 19, 2017


  On July 13, PCCW Global, a subsidiary of PCCW, announced that the high-capacity Asia-Africa-1 submarine cable (AAE-1) landed in Hong Kong.

  Asia-Africa-Europe is the world's largest submarine cable in last ten years, built by 19 leading international service providers. Once completed, 25,000 km of Asia-Africa-1 will be the first high-capacity cable system to connect all major Southeast Asian countries to Africa and Europe,by the way of Middle East, providing strong, reliable and low latency to some of the fastest growing and most active Of the global trade path. With the latest 100Gbps technology, the  capacity exceed 40Tb, Asia-Africa-1 cable will have the capacity to deliver high-definition media content, including bandwidth-intensive high-definition virtual reality data stream.

  Asia-Africa-Europe in the Tsuruhashi cable station landing, and the PCCW Global City Data Exchange Center that is to further create a cable system in Hong Kong, an important telecommunications hub.

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