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Advantages Of Aluminum Alloy Power Cable

Oct 26, 2017

  Aluminum alloy cable include the aluminum alloy ,so that the performance of aluminum alloy conductor greatly improved,  avoid the pure aluminum conductor elongation is low, poor flexibility and poor creep resistance and other disadvantages, and enhance the cable system Connection reliability. Today, Henan cable manufacturers Henan Huatong Cable Co., Ltd. on a detailed analysis of the advantages of aluminum alloy power cable.

Aluminum Alloy Power Cable

  Aluminum alloy cable not only from the electrical performance, safety and other aspects of stronger than the copper cable, and to meet the same electrical performance in the early cost of 50% lower than the traditional copper cable, saving investment costs, more green, and In practical applications

  Aluminum alloy cable weighs only half of the copper cable, bending radius than copper core cable half, easy to install and save trouble. Aluminum alloy cable is a high-tech environmentally friendly energy-saving green products in Europe and the United States and other developed countries use a very wide range.

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