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Compared With ACSR, The Advantage And Disadvantage In ACSS

Jun 12, 2017

Aluminium-conductor steel supported (ACSS) conductor visually appears to be similar to standard ACSR but the aluminium strands are fully annealed. Annealing the aluminium strands reduces the composite conductor strength, but after installation, permanent elongation of the aluminium strands results in a much larger percentage of the conductor tension being carried in the steel core than is true for standard ACSR. This in turn yields reduced composite thermal elongation and increased self-damping.

The major advantages of ACSS are:

Since the aluminium strands are "dead-soft" to begin with, the conductor may be operated at temperatures in excess of 200 Degrees C (Celsius) without loss of strength. Since the tension in the aluminium strands is normally low, the conductor's self-damping of Aeolian vibration is high and it may be installed at high unloaded tension levels without the need for separate Stockbridge-type dampers.

The major disadvantages of ACSS are:

In areas experiencing heavy ice load, the reduced strength of this conductor relative to standard ACSR may make it less desirable. The softness of the annealed aluminium strands and the possible need for pre-stressing prior to clipping and sagging may raise installation costs.

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