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2017-2021 Global Aerial Cable Market Compound Annual Growth Rate Of Nearly 6%

Sep 06, 2017

 International market research firm Technavio research report said that in 2021 the global aerospace cable market will usher in a stable period, is expected to coincide with the rate of nearly 6% next year. The report shows that the upgrading of power grid infrastructure, technology and electricity demand is the main reason to promote the steady growth of overhead cable. In addition, the increase in population has contributed to the development of urbanization, stimulating the construction of the railway, increasing the demand for power cables. Most of the world's countries are vigorously developing railways, and demand growth in the railway industry has stimulated demand for overhead cables. Overhead cable acquisition of land is one of the main factors restricting market development.

  From the voltage level, last year's high-voltage cable occupies the main share of overhead cables, which is due to transmission and distribution infrastructure upgrades, increased power generation, to promote the demand for overhead cable, is expected to 2021 this state will continue. In addition, the expansion and upgrading of the grid continues to stimulate the growth of overhead cables.

  From the regional point of view, the Asia-Pacific region is the world's largest aerospace cable demand tends to market, because the Asia-Pacific region to increase the industrialization process to accelerate, with the economic development. In addition, support for power infrastructure and renewable energy has contributed to the growth of aerial cables in the region.

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