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Link Fittings

Application: Mainly used to string insulators or connect various fittings. Bear mechanical load.

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Mainly used to string insulators or connect various fittings. Bear mechanical load. 


ball eyes, socket-clevis eye, shackles, extensive link, eye chain link(type ZH), extension tie, clevises, Support Brackets(type ZCJ), three-leg right-angle flip chart, ground wire hanger(type BD), U-bolt, adjuster plate(type DB/PT), twisted strap, towing plate, yoke plate, etc.

1)Ball eyes contain types of Q, QP, OH, QB, etc.

2)Socket-clevis eyes contain types of W, WS, WH, WSY, etc.

3)Shackles contain UF type, anchor shackles of type UN, strengthened shackles (type UJ), arrows U-shape ring with lengthen, UR type U-shaped ring, etc.

4)Extension rod contains types of YL, YLP, etc.

5)Clevises contain types of Z, ZS, ZBS, PD, PS, type P of double straps, clevises hinges(type UB), clevises hinges for suspension (type UB), UBR type U-shaped flip chart, etc

6)Three-leg right-angle flip chart contains types of ZSD, ZST, etc.

7)Twisted Strap contains types of GD, GR, etc.

8)Yoke plate contains types of L, LF, LS, LL, LJ, LK, LX, LXV, horizon-adjusting plates (type SP), etc.

Generally made of malleable cast iron and steel. All ferrous metals are hot-dip galvanized.


Based on type and application, products to be introduced herein is divided into 6 categories, namely, suspension clamp, strain clamp, link fitting, splicing fitting, protective fitting, guy wire fitting. 

Based on product structure and function, each category can be further divided into several series. 

1.Product type code consists of phonetic alphabet, Arabic numbers and additional letter. Each part refers to the following meaning: 


2.For strain clamps and slicing sleeves of compression type, only the sleeve OD, applicable conductor specification or type are available herein. See attachment for conductor parameter. 

3.For suspension clamps, parallel groove clamps and dampers, the calculation of applicable conductor diameters listed herein have taken into account of the wrapping and winding material.

4.For products not included herein, customized manufacturing service is available. 

5.For bolt type electric fittings, the recommended bolt tightening torque is as follows: (4.8 Class)

(mm)Bolt Dia.








(N.m)Tightening torque








6.The technical parameters of the introduced electric fittings herein conform to GB/T2314-2008, General Technical Requirements of Electric Fittings, IEC61284/IEC61897, and other relevant standards.

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